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Peppcon 2015

The Swedish Summer is almost over, but there's still time for one more Con!
Next up is Peppcon 2015 in Uppsala, 28th - 30th August!!!!

Narcon Summer 2015!

Tomorrow 25/7, Yami will attend the Narcon Summer 2015 in Linkoping, Sweden! Gonna be there?
Don't hesitate to say hello to her!

Happy Holidays!

The year of 2014 is quickly coming to an end, and we therefor wish all of
you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See ya in 2015!!!

Summer Season has passed!!

Finishing of with Czequestria in Prague, the Summer Convention Season for Yami has finally come to an end.
The past months have been hectic with long days of preparations and activities, with a lot of things to craft and organize.
There has been many ups and downs along the way, but all in all it's been a kickass Summer!!

The opportunity to travel around Europe and meet all the fans and other Cosplayers have been invaluble,
and would never have been possible without the aid of masterminds behind the Conventions.
Huge shoutouts to all the great organizers and crews of


From Galacon to BUCK 2014

The awesomeness of Galacon and Germany has passed, and we now look forward to BUCK 2014, taking place
in less then a week from now in Manchester! For this event, Yami is still hard at work with finishing her
Goddess version of Fluttershy!!

Here's a WIP sneak peek of the costume!

Thank you, Finland!!

CrystalFair 2014 was a blast; Yami had a great time together with old and new friends,
along with all the MLP fans and fabolous Cosplayers!

Looking forward: Yami is waiting for a shipment of material which will determine what Cosplay she'll
be bringing to Galacon in the upcoming weeks. There will be an announcement when we know more!!!


If you're attending CrystalFair 2014, and would like to meet Yami, then your best shot is at Vendor Table #5!!
There she will be selling some of her handmade MLP-themed props and accessories, swing by and have a look!

Next stop: Finland!

The Summer Season for Cosplaying is in full swing, and the next Convention for Yami will take place already
this weekend in Helsinki, as CrystalFair 2014 opens its doors! Aside from Cosplaying, Yami will also
do a bit of vendoring this time, selling handcrafted items and goodies that goes excellent with the Brony-theme.


Today is the first day of Storcon! Yami will be there in Cosplay during Friday and Saturday, will you?!

3rd Place!

Yesterday, Yami entered the Cosplay Contest at Birdie 2014 with her Genderbend version of Donquixote Doflamnigo
from One Piece, and today during the Prize Ceremony, she was awarded with the prize of 3rd Place!!

Birdie 2014!

Tomorrow, Yami will be bringing Cosplay to Birdie 2014 in Uppsala, Sweden! Will you be there? Come and say hello!!
(Beware of pink feathers)

Galacon and Czequestria!

The announcements are out! Yami will be attending Galacon in Ludwigsburg, Germany as a Cosplay Organizer
and Judge!!! And later in August, the weekend after BUCK, she will head over to Prague and attend Czequestria 2014!
It'll be a busy Summer alright!!!

Post-JPOPCON Updates!

We've updated "Next Appearances" with upcoming Cosplays and Conventions for 2014, and some
minor layout changes for the site. Pictures from JpopCon will be posted as soon as they are available!

Stay tuned!!!


Only three days remain until it is time for this year's weekend of Jpopcon at DGI-byen, Copenhagen!
And here's a preview of what costumes Yami will bring with her this time... Beware of feathers, Denmark!

39 days to go!

The countdown to Jpopcon 2014 is ticking, and Yami is working hard with both preparations and Cosplays for the event.
More details will follow once they're available!

...and by the way, her big costume this year for Jpopcon is none other than
Donquixote Doflamingo (GENDERBEND) from One Piece!!!

Youtube Channel Update

After many busy months, we've finally gotten around to improve our Official Youtube Channel a bit.
From now on, Yami will regularly post VLOGs and clips where she will discuss and ramble about everything between heaven and earth. If you have any suggestions on what Yami could talk about in her videos, from serious topics to simple questions, then feel free to post comment in her Channel feed or in any of the videos!

Portfolio update!

Lady Jaina Proudmoore, worn at Dreamhack Winter 2013, has been added to the Portfolio.
Go ahead and check her out!!!

Happy Holidays!!

Christmas has almost passed, with all of it's delicious food and wonderful gifts. 2013 is getting ready
to hand over the stick to 2014, which is already shaping up to be a great year for Cosplay.
Events are being booked, costumes are being planned, and the hype is rising. It will be glorious!

And while we wait for 2014 to arrive, we wish all of our fans a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!

Lady Jaina Proudmoore!

Dreamhack Winter 2013 was beyond epic, there's no other way to describe it!
Represetning Blizzard Entertainment themselves, Yami rocked the Booth at the Dreamhack Expo area. Taking
pictures and interracting with fans who gathered to get a close look at the upcoming games and hanging out with
the Blizzad Community Team.

But she didn't just dwell in the Blizzard area, oh no! Yami also walked through the LAN halls several times,
attracting and encouraging the BYOC-attendees to also swing by and join the fun! Aside from that, Yami also
entered and conquered the Cosplay Competition organized by "" over at their own Booth!
The spoils were an awesome set of speakers that will fill her workshop with crystal-clear music for years to come!

For those wondering, photoshoots were also had with two photographers during the event and pictures will be on
the site as soon as they are ready for publishing. But until then, have a splendid Christmas and New Years Holiday!!!
See you in 2014!!!!

Dreamhack Winter!!!

It's finally official... for this year's Dreamhack Winter, Yami will be cosplaying Lady Jaina Proudmoore,
by direct request from none other than Blizzard Entertainment themselves! You'll mostly find her guarding
the Blizzard Booth, but you may also find her roaming the floors of Dreamhack now and then.

The Booth itself will feature, for lack of a better word, a shitload of activities! Play the latest demos of upcoming titles such as Hearthstone, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and WoW: Warlords of Draenor! Participate in competitions
and win epic prizes! Get your picture taken as a Hearthstone card! Mingle with members of
Blizzard's European Community Team! There's soooo much to do!!!


Slow updates, tons of stuff to do...
Let's be honest, we've been busy as hell and updates on the site have been non-existent.
We're working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes that we're sure most of you will be super-hyped to hear about!
But for now, check out Next Appearances for the latest info!

New content!
This week we launched the Official YamiNoCosmos Youtube Channel, with our first upload being
the Cosplay Panel held by Yami herself at BUCK 2013 in Manchester. Check it out!

The Press page has been updated with two new pictures featuring Yami through Ask Britania and Equestria Daily!

Next Appearances has been updated with upcoming events and a new cosplay!

Busy busy...
While she prepares for her next appearance and role as Cosplay Organizer at Peppcon at the end of
the week, she's also in the process of starting up her own business surrounding cosplaying, hosting and crafting.
There are a lot of things waiting on the horizon, the following months will be more intensive than ever!

What can we say, BUCK 2013 was an awesome event. Being the first Brony Convention that Yami
has ever been to, she wasn't sure what to expect over in Manchester. But visitors and staff alike welcomed
her with open arms, and she absolutely loved it!

If you'd like to read her report on the whole, crazy weekend, then click the image
below and you'll be directed to the post on Facebook!

We're also working hard with editing and rendering the Cosplay Panel that was held during the event.
Expect it to be available here VERY soon!

Manchester + MLP = SOON
BUCK 2013 draws nearer by the hour, and the upcoming weekend will be a busy one for Yami, Saturday in particular as she will be in her Luna cosplay all day while still performing her duties. Starting at 12:00 BST (11:00 GMT), she will host a Cosplay Workshop focused around the theme of My Little Pony. The Workshop will be recorded by a video crew and uploaded later for other to view, more info on that after the event.

Following up the Workshop, at 14:00 BST (13:00 GMT), she will be hosting the BUCK Cosplay Competition in the Auditorium. Yami will also be the Head Judge of said contest. The whole event will be streamed live, so that you guys stranded at home, work or wherever you are, can join in the fun! For more details about the live coverage, please click the image below!

Yami will be tweeting and texting about the event all weekend, so be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook!! Links can be found at the top of the website to the right, or the Twitter-feed directly to the right of this post.

See you guys there!!!

Seven days...
... remains until Yami travels to Manchester in order to attend BUCK 2013 as a Cosplayer, a Cosplay Show Hostess AND Speaker at a Cosplay Workshop. Her schedule is loaded for this event, and so is all of her spare time up until the convention. Many (and late!) hours are being poured into completing her version of Princess Luna from My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic, and there is no compromise when it comes to details!

More info about the convention and her workshop will be posted next week, stay tuned!

"Next Appearances updated!
Go ahead and check what Yami's currently working on and where she'll attend next!

... and make sure to check out the new "Fluttershy" gallery in Portfolio!

Storcon has passed...
During the last weekend of June, Yami competed with her SHED-version of "Fluttershy" from "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic". Starting early with preparations on Friday, she participated in a live interview during the Morning News of P4 Uppland, a local branch of the national radio network. Making sure everything was perfect for the weekend,
Yami went into Saturday with an early photo session and moved on to participate in the Cosplay Competition held at Storcon that afternoon. During the final hours of the convention on Sunday, Yami was declared the Winner of category "Best Props".

It was a long weekend of hard work, and Storcon was an absolutely amazing convention. Lots of space, a well-organized (and big) staff and great activities made this event truly something extra. We'll be back in 2014, count on it!!

... and make sure to check out the new "Fluttershy" gallery in Portfolio!

Small update!
"Next Appearances" has been updated with future cosplays currently in work.

Attention Bronies!
Yami has been invite as Community Guest to Buck 2013, the largest Brony Convention in all of Europe! It will be held in Manchester, England on 23rd - 25th August. While there, she'll host a MLP Cosplay Workshop and and also help out with running and judging the Cosplay Competition.

Furthermore, Yami has decided to bring her one of her greatest Cosplays planned for 2013 to the convention, and ensures that it will be something really extra!!

Peppcon 2013!
It is now official: Yami will be the Cosplay Organizer at Peppcon 2013, 12th - 14th July in Uppsala, Sweden. She's working hard with creating a friendly event suitable for both new visitors and old veterans within the scene. The Cosplay Competition will feature fresh and innovative categories with newcomer-friendly rules, in order to encourage and motivate attendees to dress up! But her influence and dedicated work for high quality doesn't stop at just Cosplay; It spans the entire event! Together with many other talented people, the organizers of Peppcon are striving to create something special and new within the world of Conventions. Come and watch for yourselves this Summer!!

Sakura + Stockholm!
On the 20th of April, "Sakura Day" (also refered to as the Hanami) will be taking place at Kungstradgarden (12:00 - 16:00) in Stockholm. Yami will be there to enjoy the blooming of these beatuiful flowers and all the events taking place at the location, so stop by and join her! Click the image for more info in Swedish!!

Ploting and Scheming for 2013!
First of all, due to unfortunate circumstances, the Zombie Panel wasn't held at Jpopcon. It will be saved for a future convention or event. It might even be produced as a stand-alone video clip, no final decisions have been made yet. Futhermore, Yami is currently taking her time to plan the rest of her cosplay year. Sadly, CrystalCon in Gothenburg this Summer has been cancelled, meaning that we don't know yet which convention will be the next one that Yami graces with her presence. Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming features on the website!

Zombie Panel @ Jpopcon!
If you're at Jpopcon this weekend, be sure to check out Yami's Zombie Cosplay Panel at 13:30 on Sunday 17/3!

Jpopcon 2013!
Yami will bring both SeeU and her NEW version of Megurine Luka to Jpopcon in Denmark.
She will also host a zombie panel at the convention, more info to come.

Competing with her SeeU at Narcon Winter, Yami managed to snatch one of the big awards in the contest!
*Click for larger image*

YamiNoCosmos takes SeeU to Narcon Winter 2013!
Photos will be up shortly after 24/2.